Moka's has pushed pause.

Moka’s was founded in May of 2010, by our then 18 year old daughter, Mikella. She has always had a passion for animal, especially for dogs, raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, volunteering at local shelters, working with low cost spay and neuter MASH units, training, and her love, grooming.

Since May 25th of 2010 until this past August, Moka’s has saved more than 2200 lives, averaging more than 400 a year. We believe our success was due in part to our constant involvement in the community, holding weekly two day adoption events, that were rarely missed. However, our volunteers are the best, and truly the key to Moka’s more than 400 lives a year saved. They are selfless and relentless in the pursuit to help the unwanted furies.

Now 23, Mikella had generally worked 5 days a week, and volunteered on her two days off to run Moka’s adoption events. All that came to a halt on August 14th of this year, when she passed out at work, and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Since that day, we have had to push “pause” on our love for Moka’s, and refocus our efforts as a family to focus on her health. A dear family friend, wrote up her ongoing health issues, and progress in a gofundme page linked on this page.

For those who have adopted as a rule, and not exception, we thank you for thinking differently. Please support those who support the cause.

We want to thank all the sponsors in our Menu above! Expecially PetSmart in McKinney!!

Why we have pushed pause on Moka’s…..

Because Dogs Need Best Friends Too!